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  Which postgraduate program? Principal Advisor Scholarships & Awards (Postgraduate)
  Why be a postgraduate at IMB? Associate Advisor(s) IMB Research Advancement Award (2017)
  How do I select an IMB postgraduate advisor? Advisory Team IMB CSC Postgraduate Award (2017)
  How do I select an IMB postgraduate project? Candidature Committee IMB Entrepreneur Training Award (2017)
  Am I eligible/competitive for postgraduate study? Milestones IMB Winter School Award (2017)
  How do I apply to be an IMB postgraduate candidate? Thesis Examination  
  What are the obligations of an IMB PhD candidate? IMB Advantage Program  

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  How to submit an IMB EOI Typical Living Expenses IMB Annual Report (2016)
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  What is an Honours degree? School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences (SCMB)  IMB Honours Scholarship (2017)
  Why do Honours at IMB? School of Biomedical Sciences (SBMS)  
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  How to submit an IMB EOI Typical Living Expenses IMB Annual Report (2016)
  IMB Honours EOI Form (PDF)   IMB Research Training Guide (2017)


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  UQ Undergraduate Coursework Research Projects IMB Summer/Winter Traineeship Award (2017)
  UQ Undergraduate Summer Research Program IMB Director's Award for Research Traineeship (2017)
  UQ Undergraduate Winter Research Program Typical Living Expenses
  UQ Undergraduate Advanced Study Program in Science  
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  Working with an Associate Advisor(s) Milestone 3: Thesis Review  IMB RHD Committee
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  Meet the Team IMB Summer/Winter Traineeship Award (2017)  IMB CSC Postgraduate Award (2017)
  Tour IMB IMB Honours Scholarship (2017)
 IMB Director's Award for Research Traineeship (2017)
  IMB Science Ambassadors IMB Research Advancement Award (2017)  
    IMB Entrepreneur Training Award (2017)  
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  Scholarships & Awards Pebbles Senior IMB Expression of Interest Form - Undergraduate
  How to be a Principal Advisor IMB Postgraduate Coordinator IMB Expression of Interest Form - Masters by Coursework
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  UQ Graduate School - Staff FAQ   IMB Research Training Guide (2017)

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IMB Director's Award for Research Traineeship (2017)

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     IMB Science Ambassadors Chemistry & Structural Biology
  Undergraduates Molecular Cell Biology
  Honours Genomics of Development & Disease
  Postdoctoral Staff  

 IMB Advantage

IMB offers a range of training workshops/seminars for postgraduate candidates, collectively described as the IMB Advantage.

 IMB postgraduate candidates MUST complete the:

 IMB postgraduate candidates are EXPECTED to attend:

 IMB postgraduate candidates are INVITED to attend additional specialist seminars on such topics as:

 A full list of IMB Advantage offerings can be accessed via Pebbles Junior.

 IMB Advantage Program  


Title Description Offering

Delivered by

Oral Communication(2 hrs workshop) The demands for oral skills and competence are changing for teachers and researchers. We are now expected to be effective and competitive in public speaking in a widening range of contexts, from formal lectures to seminars, public presentations, appearances on the media and community talks. We are expected to be advocates for our disciplines and our work. In such a context effective speaking skills are at a premium, and bring significant rewards. This workshop is designed to survey several key genres of public speaking relevant to contemporary practising academics, and to give participants a chance to discuss and exercise these skills in practice.   Annually

Professor Roly Sussex




(1 hr seminar)

UQ Policies

Case study


Every 2 years


Prof Peter Koopman


Statistics for Frightened Bioresearches


6 seminars (1.5hrs each)



Which are the basic statistical concepts that bio-researchers should know to embrace the full potential of their experimental data? 

What are the common pitfalls in statistical analysis? 

Which test is more appropriate to test a biological hypothesis and under which assumptions? 

With major high impact factor journals such as Science, Nature and PLOS significantly tightening their rules it is becoming essential to plan statistical analysis before even picking up a pipette. 

With a focus on real world examples, notes and resources you can take home, and quick exercises to test your understanding of the material, this short course will cover many of the essential elements of bio-statistics and problems that commonly arise in analysis that originate in the lab.



1. Summarizing and presenting data

2. Hypothesis testing and statistical inference

3. Experimental designs

4. Comparing two groups

5. Comparing more than two groups

6. Data mining and exploration



Every 2 years



Dr Kin-Anh Le Cao and Dr Nick Hamilton




(2.5 hrs workshop)















UQ Idea Hub

The IMB Entrepreneurship workshop equips students with basic theory and practice necessary for translation of an invention. 

You will become familiar with relevant terminology. 

You will get an understanding of the Value Chain - Discovery, Research, Clinical Trials/ Field Trials, Production and Marketing. 

You will learn how to map your invention, who will do what at each stage, and how to deal with money matters, including raising funds for research. 

You will hear from an experienced entrepreneur who will talk about their own innovation journey, as well as share practical tips for creating and growing innovative products. 


 While the 6 week program is delivered externally to IMB, IMB Postgrad Office plays a significant role in promoting and supporting the program as a part of the IMB Entrepreneur Training Award.



Delivered by multiple presenters


UniQuest (Dr S. Earl)

UQ Business School

(Dr Lisette Pregelj, Lecturer in Commercialisation in Practice)

IMB (A/ Prof Mark Smythe)





IMB Deputy Director, Research (Prof Jenny Stow)


Desktop Publishing


Adobe Creative Suite Workshop

An introduction to InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop for Scientific Presentations

Every 2 years

Dr Jennifer Yarnold (Research Officer, IMB)



Technology workshops



(3 hrs each)

On demand

4-5 Galaxy workshops, which cover the following areas:

  • Introduction to Galaxy
  • RNA-Seq Basic
  • Variant detection Basic
  • Microbial genome assembly
  • ChIP-Seq


Single particle processing workshop

Every year – the topics vary

Dr  Igor Makunin