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  Which postgraduate program? Principal Advisor Scholarships & Awards (Postgraduate)
  Why be a postgraduate at IMB? Associate Advisor(s) IMB Research Advancement Award (2017)
  How do I select an IMB postgraduate advisor? Advisory Team IMB CSC Postgraduate Award (2017)
  How do I select an IMB postgraduate project? Candidature Committee IMB Entrepreneur Training Award (2017)
  Am I eligible/competitive for postgraduate study? Milestones IMB Winter School Award (2017)
  How do I apply to be an IMB postgraduate candidate? Thesis Examination  
  What are the obligations of an IMB PhD candidate? IMB Advantage Program  

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  How to submit an IMB EOI Typical Living Expenses IMB Annual Report (2016)
  IMB Postgraduate EOI Form (PDF) UQ Graduate School - Future Student FAQ  IMB Research Training Guide (2017)
    UQ Disability Services  


Choosing & Being Chosen:

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  What is an Honours degree? School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences (SCMB)  IMB Honours Scholarship (2017)
  Why do Honours at IMB? School of Biomedical Sciences (SBMS)  
  How do I select an IMB Honours advisor? School of Biological Sciences (SBS)  
  How do I select an IMB Honours project? School of Public Health (SPH)  


  Am I eligible/competitive for IMB Honours? School of Medicine (SOM)  Research Projects
  How do I apply to do Honours at IMB?    

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  How to submit an IMB EOI Typical Living Expenses IMB Annual Report (2016)
  IMB Honours EOI Form (PDF)   IMB Research Training Guide (2017)


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  UQ Undergraduate Coursework Research Projects IMB Summer/Winter Traineeship Award (2017)
  UQ Undergraduate Summer Research Program IMB Director's Award for Research Traineeship (2017)
  UQ Undergraduate Winter Research Program Typical Living Expenses
  UQ Undergraduate Advanced Study Program in Science  
  UQ Masters by Coursework Research Project  
  Occupational Traineeships  

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Reports (PDF)

  How to submit an EOI IMB Annual Report (2016)
  IMB Masters by Coursework EOI Form (PDF) IMB Research Training Guide (2017)
  IMB Occupational Trainee EOI Form (PDF)  
  IMB Undergraduate EOI Form (PDF)  

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  Enrolment & Induction  Milestone 1: Confirmation Pebbles Junior
  Working with a Principal Advisor Milestone 2: Mid-Candidature Review IMB Postgraduate Coordinator
  Working with an Associate Advisor(s) Milestone 3: Thesis Review  IMB RHD Committee
  Working with an Advisory Team   IMB Postgraduate Office
  Working with a Candidature Committee   UQ Graduate School

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Thesis Preparation
Scholarships & Awards How to submit a Testimonial
  Thesis Examination IMB Advantage SIMBA
  Selecting Examiners UQ Graduate School - Student FAQ  UQ Student Clubs 
  Responding to Examiners UQ Disability Services IMB Science Ambassadors
      Induction Survey


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 Reports (PDF):

  Australia EOI - Undergraduate IMB Annual Reports
  Queensland EOI - Masters by Coursework IMB Research Training Guide (2017)
  Brisbane EOI - Honours  
  University of Queensland EOI - Occupational Trainee  
  Institute for Molecular Bioscience EOI - Postgraduate  


Scholarships/Awards (PDF):

  Meet the Team IMB Summer/Winter Traineeship Award (2017)  IMB CSC Postgraduate Award (2017)
  Tour IMB IMB Honours Scholarship (2017)
 IMB Director's Award for Research Traineeship (2017)
  IMB Science Ambassadors IMB Research Advancement Award (2017)  
    IMB Entrepreneur Training Award (2017)  
    IMB Winter School Awards (2017)  


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  Scholarships & Awards Pebbles Senior IMB Expression of Interest Form - Undergraduate
  How to be a Principal Advisor IMB Postgraduate Coordinator IMB Expression of Interest Form - Masters by Coursework
  How to be an Associate Advisor IMB RHD Committee IMB Expression of Interest Form - Occupational Trainee 
  How to join a Candidature Committee IMB Postgraduate Office IMB Expression of Interest Form - Honours  
  How to manage Milestones UQ Graduate School IMB Expression of Interest Form - Postgraduate 
  UQ Graduate School - Staff FAQ   IMB Research Training Guide (2017)

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  Thesis Preparation What are IMB EOI forms? Scholarships & Awards (Postgraduate)
  Thesis Examination Why use IMB EOI forms?  Scholarships & Awards (Honours)
  Selecting Examiners How do I use IMB EOI forms? 
Scholarships & Awards (Traineeships)
  Observing the Examination Does the IMB PG Office use IMB EOI forms?
IMB Director's Award for Research Traineeship (2017)

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     IMB Science Ambassadors Chemistry & Structural Biology
  Undergraduates Molecular Cell Biology
  Honours Genomics of Development & Disease
  Postdoctoral Staff  


Enrolment & Induction

Welcome to the IMB!

When you first arrive (in Australia, Brisbane, or at UQ) it's a good idea to phone your Principal Advisor and let them know that you are here, and are ready and keen to get started. This is also the time to remind them which day you will be coming to IMB to enrol (see below).

When you first arrive at IMB you will need to sign in at the reception desk on Level 2. Please note that IMB is a swipe card secure facility, and for the first day or so you will be restricted to visitor level access. Once registered, reception will call either your Principal Advisor or the IMB PG Office (your choice), and they will collect you. On your first day, either before or after meeting with your Principal Advisor, you MUST go to the IMB PG Office (Level 4) to start the enrolment and induction process.


IMB PG Office staff will help you enrol (they will know which forms have to be filled in, how, by who, and where and when they need to be sent).

IMPORTANT - when accepting your Unconditional offer from the UQ Graduate School, you agreed to an enrolment date that is binding. You MUST arrive at IMB and enrol on that date, or the offer (including any scholarships) may be rescinded. This is particularly important for international students where each visa is conditional on the holder being enrolled by an agreed date. There may be very good reasons for delaying your enrolment, but you do not have the authority to unilaterally make this change. If there is any possibility that you will arrive and enrol on a date later than that specified you MUST advise UQ in writing, in advance, and MUST receive written approval from UQ to change the enrolment date. It is very difficult to request this approval in retrospect.  Always keep the IMB PG Office informed, so they can assist.

The enrolment date is critical for other reasons. If you are in receipt of a fee relief scholarship, this will cover a fixed number of (12) research quarters, with the first being that containing your enrolment date. The enrolment date also triggers the start of the RTS (a count of the number of months of full time postgraduate enrolment per candidate). The RTS is used for many purposes. Milestones are due at RTS 12, 24 and 36. If you have not completed and submitted your thesis by RTS 36, you will need to apply for a 6 month extension (which may or may not be granted). Any extension requests beyond RTS 42 are limited to 3 months. Most UQ scholarships cut out at RTS 36, with the option to apply for a single 6 month extension. Be aware that the UQ Graduate School is reluctant to grant extensions beyond RTS 48. To help keep track, IMB provides candidates with access to an online system (Pebbles Junior) that automatically calculates and monitors your RTS, and other important metrics relating to your candidature. Your username and password for accessing Pebbles Junior is the same as your IMB computer login (LDAP) - see below.

Once the enrolment (RTS) clock starts, the game is on! Be sure that you are at the starting line when the gun is fired.

Scholarship Payments

If candidates have been awarded a UQ administered scholarship (ie APA, IPRS) they will receive the following from the UQ Graduate School:

Candidates should submit completed forms to the IMB PG Office for action.

If candidates have been awarded a scholarship from a non-UQ administered funding body (ie Rotary) they MUST liaise directly with IMB Finance and IMB Human Resources.

If candidates have been awarded a scholarship from their Principal Advisor, or an IMB Postgraduate Award, they MUST complete and submit the following to the IMB PG Office:



IMB PG Office staff will explain (and answer questions on) all aspects of the IMB postgraduate program, including working with the Principal Advisor, Associate Advisor(s), Advisory Team and Candidature Committee, and the significance of Milestones etc....

and will notify candidates of the date and time for the next (weekly) IMB Safety Induction seminar.

All candidates MUST attend the first available IMB Safety Induction seminar, and MUST complete and sign agreements relating to:


After completing the IMB Induction, candidates will be assigned an:


After 24 hours from the time of enrolment candidates:

Note: As each candidate will have both a UQ and an IMB email accounts, they should consider directing the UQ address to their IMB account. The UQ Graduate School will use the UQ account, whereas IMB prefers the IMB account. Either way, managing two separate email accounts is problematic. If you need help setting up your accounts just as the IMB PG Office.