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  Which postgraduate program? Principal Advisor Scholarships & Awards (Postgraduate)
  Why be a postgraduate at IMB? Associate Advisor(s) IMB Research Advancement Award (2017)
  How do I select an IMB postgraduate advisor? Advisory Team IMB CSC Postgraduate Award (2017)
  How do I select an IMB postgraduate project? Candidature Committee IMB Entrepreneur Training Award (2017)
  Am I eligible/competitive for postgraduate study? Milestones IMB Winter School Award (2017)
  How do I apply to be an IMB postgraduate candidate? Thesis Examination  
  What are the obligations of an IMB PhD candidate? IMB Advantage Program  

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  How to submit an IMB EOI Typical Living Expenses IMB Annual Report (2016)
  IMB Postgraduate EOI Form (PDF) UQ Graduate School - Future Student FAQ  IMB Research Training Guide (2017)
    UQ Disability Services  


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  What is an Honours degree? School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences (SCMB)  IMB Honours Scholarship (2017)
  Why do Honours at IMB? School of Biomedical Sciences (SBMS)  
  How do I select an IMB Honours advisor? School of Biological Sciences (SBS)  
  How do I select an IMB Honours project? School of Public Health (SPH)  


  Am I eligible/competitive for IMB Honours? School of Medicine (SOM)  Research Projects
  How do I apply to do Honours at IMB?    

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  How to submit an IMB EOI Typical Living Expenses IMB Annual Report (2016)
  IMB Honours EOI Form (PDF)   IMB Research Training Guide (2017)


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  UQ Undergraduate Coursework Research Projects IMB Summer/Winter Traineeship Award (2017)
  UQ Undergraduate Summer Research Program IMB Director's Award for Research Traineeship (2017)
  UQ Undergraduate Winter Research Program Typical Living Expenses
  UQ Undergraduate Advanced Study Program in Science  
  UQ Masters by Coursework Research Project  
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  How to submit an EOI IMB Annual Report (2016)
  IMB Masters by Coursework EOI Form (PDF) IMB Research Training Guide (2017)
  IMB Occupational Trainee EOI Form (PDF)  
  IMB Undergraduate EOI Form (PDF)  

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  Enrolment & Induction  Milestone 1: Confirmation Pebbles Junior
  Working with a Principal Advisor Milestone 2: Mid-Candidature Review IMB Postgraduate Coordinator
  Working with an Associate Advisor(s) Milestone 3: Thesis Review  IMB RHD Committee
  Working with an Advisory Team   IMB Postgraduate Office
  Working with a Candidature Committee   UQ Graduate School

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  Australia EOI - Undergraduate IMB Annual Reports
  Queensland EOI - Masters by Coursework IMB Research Training Guide (2017)
  Brisbane EOI - Honours  
  University of Queensland EOI - Occupational Trainee  
  Institute for Molecular Bioscience EOI - Postgraduate  


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  Meet the Team IMB Summer/Winter Traineeship Award (2017)  IMB CSC Postgraduate Award (2017)
  Tour IMB IMB Honours Scholarship (2017)
 IMB Director's Award for Research Traineeship (2017)
  IMB Science Ambassadors IMB Research Advancement Award (2017)  
    IMB Entrepreneur Training Award (2017)  
    IMB Winter School Awards (2017)  


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  Scholarships & Awards Pebbles Senior IMB Expression of Interest Form - Undergraduate
  How to be a Principal Advisor IMB Postgraduate Coordinator IMB Expression of Interest Form - Masters by Coursework
  How to be an Associate Advisor IMB RHD Committee IMB Expression of Interest Form - Occupational Trainee 
  How to join a Candidature Committee IMB Postgraduate Office IMB Expression of Interest Form - Honours  
  How to manage Milestones UQ Graduate School IMB Expression of Interest Form - Postgraduate 
  UQ Graduate School - Staff FAQ   IMB Research Training Guide (2017)

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  Thesis Preparation What are IMB EOI forms? Scholarships & Awards (Postgraduate)
  Thesis Examination Why use IMB EOI forms?  Scholarships & Awards (Honours)
  Selecting Examiners How do I use IMB EOI forms? 
Scholarships & Awards (Traineeships)
  Observing the Examination Does the IMB PG Office use IMB EOI forms?
IMB Director's Award for Research Traineeship (2017)

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     IMB Science Ambassadors Chemistry & Structural Biology
  Undergraduates Molecular Cell Biology
  Honours Genomics of Development & Disease
  Postdoctoral Staff  


Responding to Examiners

Your thesis will be examined by two experts who have given considerable time (voluntarily) to the examination process. Examiners should not be viewed as antagonists, even if you disagree with some of their comments and even if their report is considered to have an aggressive tone.

Your approach should always be one of calm professionalism. You should take every opportunity to improve your thesis based on examiner comments, on the assumption that they are well-meant suggestions, and considering that your thesis will be a permanent record of your skills, acumen and attitude as a scientist. Your response should take the form of a rebuttal document that clearly outlines your response to each of the examiners points, and a revised thesis in which these changes have been enacted.


Planning your response:

1. Make a copy of your examiners reports that you can write on, leaving the originals as a backup.

2. Mark (underline/highlight) every comment, suggestion or specific request that you consider requires some sort of action. Bear in mind that a question is typically a request for clarification of a point in the thesis and not an idle musing or something that the examiner just wants to see if you know the answer to. You will not have the opportunity to answer the examiners directly, so clarification in the thesis is the implied request.

3. Number these points if they are not already numbered by each examiner (eg. A1, A2, B1.1, B1.2, B1.3).

4. Decide on your line of action for each point, typically one of the following:


 5. In general, the last approach (No change) should be avoided because:


6. Discuss your plan of approach with your Principal Advisor.

7. Make the corrections and/or additions.


Preparing your response:

Your rebuttal and revised thesis will be considered by your Chair of Examiners (CoE), who will need to check that you have complied with the letter and spirit of the examiners reports. The quicker and easier you make the task for the CoE, the sooner you will have a PhD.

1. Write a list of what was done to address each point (numbered as in #2/3 above).


2. Have your Principal Advisor check your rebuttal and revised thesis.

3. Submit a copy of the examiners reports with the points numbered as in #2 above.

4. Submit a copy of the rebuttal.

5. Submit a copy of your revised thesis with changes flagged and/or marked according to the numbering system used in #2 above. The CoE will request a copy of the original thesis if required.


UQ Graduate School Requirements

If you are required to make changes to your thesis after its initial review, upload a copy of your corrected thesis to the UQ eSpace along with a list of the changes made. The UQ Graduate School will forward these documents to IMB for review by the CoE, the Principal Advisor and the IMB Postgraduate Coordinator. These documents are also sent to any examiner who recommended major changes and indicated that they wished to review the corrected thesis. When the thesis has been reviewed and the revisions assessed as satisfactory, the IMB Postgraduate Office will prepare and forward a completed Recommendation to Confer Degree form to the Graduate School.

If you are required to revise and resubmit your thesis, repeat the thesis submission process. Once resubmitted, the thesis is sent out for re-examination, usually to the original examiners who made the initial recommendation of ‘revise and resubmit’, along with a copy of all reports from the initial examination and the list of changes made to the thesis. If the original examiners are not available then two new examiners will be appointed.

If you anticipate a delay in preparing a response you may be required to submit a Timetable for completing thesis corrections to the UQ Graduate School via the IMB Postgraduate Office.